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Our AD/ Paul Launois Release is an unpeated spirit of ten bourbon barrels finished in French Oak Paul Launois champagne casks.

Nose: Tangy orange icing, rum and raisin ice-cream and salted caramel. Lemon curd, orange blossom, pencil shavings, wine gums and Sauternes. Gentle waft of lemon thyme and powdered lemonade

Palate: Rich, dry wood character up front with macadamia nut, citric acidity from nose still coming through. Nutmeg, peach, crème de cacao, sharp vanilla and light Szechuan peppercorn tickling the palate

Finish: Dry up front, shifting to moderately lush fruity mid-palate with zippy acidity on the finish.

The ABV % will vary from batch to batch.

Like all our whiskies this AD/ Paul Launois Release is un-chill filtered and natural colour.

The Paul Launois Release is made in batches, this means the product might sell out from time to time.