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The Team

The people behind our award winning whisky

Our distillery wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of our dedicated team. We've assembled a talented group of individuals who are deeply committed to excellence. 

From our production and warehouse teams' dedication to their craft, to our bottling and admin teams' attention to detail, and our visitor center and sales teams' enthusiasm to spread the word about our unique single malt, each member plays a vital role in bringing Ardnamurchan to life. 

Together, we share a passion for quality and a vision to create something truly exceptional.

Alex Bruce Managing Director

Gordon H
Gordon Hamilton Operations Director

Bottling Hall Warehouse Team

Lewis Hamilton Warehouse Manager

Carnie Hamilton Warehouse Supervisor

Kelly Combe Bottlinghall supervisor

Andy Colman Bottlinghall operator

Reece black and white
Reece Donaldson Bottlinghall operator

Holly black and white
Holly Mccafferty Bottlinghall Operator

Distillery Production Team

Gordon M Black and White
Gordon Mackenzie Distillery Manager

Scott stewart
Scott Stewart Production Manager

Stewart Connor Shift leader

Ally Fisher
Ally Fisher Warehouse supervisor

David Burgess Mash & Stillman

Zac Black and white
Zak Wood Mash & Stillman

Lewis Black and White
Louis Mackenzie Warehouse operator

Bob Garven Warehouse operator

Micheal BW
Michael Doherty Warehouse operator

Visitor Centre

Sally Black and White
Sally Howard Tour Guide

Ricky Clark Tour Guide

Julie Black and White
Julie McCabe Tour Guide

Head Office Team

Vicki Ching Administration Manager

Lindsay Avery Admin Assistant

Jessica Hamilton Admin Assistant

Sales & Marketing Team

Connal BW
Connal Mackenzie Sales Director

Jenny Black and White
Jenny Karlsson Marketing Communications Manager

Graeme Mackay Sales Executive

Antonia BW
Antonia Bruce Sales Executive

Carl black and white
Carl Crafts Sales Executive

Calum Black and white
Calum Rafferty Marketing Assistant & Cask Curation

DJ Cameron UK Brand Ambassador & Brand Home Manager