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Limited release bottle

Ardnamurchan operates differently than many distilleries when it comes to blending. Rather than having a “Master Blender", we have a six-person blending team that decides collectively on every drop that we put into a bottle to send around the globe.

When the blending team noses a sample of a particularly characterful cask, we sometimes will pull the cask aside and designate it as worthy of a single cask bottling. We package dozens of these single cask bottlings every year, entirely matured in one cask and typically bottled at natural cask strength, thereby hearkening back to our Adelphi roots as a single-cask, cask-strength bottler.

Although every cask’s whisky will be unique, each will retain distinct traits of AD single malt whisky. The opaque slate blue bottle which denotes a single cask offers a subtle homage to the Ardnamurchan peninsula, emulating the similar colour of the volcanic rock surrounding the distillery.

We offer these special bottlings to countries, regions, supply chain partners, or whisky clubs that have proven themselves particularly committed to spreading the word of Ardnamurchan whisky through sales of our core range.