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Ardnamurchan ADventurer Club Membership

Ardnamurchan ADventurer Club Membership

As our distillery is nestled in the remote Western Highlands of Scotland, we have designed our membership pack to include some goodies which reflect the rural nature of our location;

  • Hipflask – An essential item whether you are scaling a mountain, attending a wedding or camping in the countryside. Fill with your favourite dram and enjoy!
  • Camping Mug – The perfect foil to your hipflask; a handy enamel mug for partaking in a dram outdoors. Great for a morning coffee when camping too.
  • Snood – A versatile piece as a hairband on long hikes (we have experienced this!), seeking succour from the midges, keeping warm on the winter slopes, doubling up as a facemask in current times, or simply dressing up as a wee Granny off for the groceries.
  • Notebook – Have a crack at writing your own evocative tasting notes, plan a road trip to the peninsula, write a shopping list (which must include local favourites such as stunning seafood, wild venison and famous sausage rolls from Salen Jetty Shop!), pen the next all-conquering novel. You can do it all in style.
  • Pin badge – Lord it over lesser mortals by adorning your favourite piece of clothing or baggage and strutting around in style, you’ve made it now!

Of course, if you undertake the pilgrimage to our distillery we will be there to welcome you with open arms. Remember to bring your membership card when visiting, which will qualify you for;

  • A free tour of Ardnamurchan Distillery for you and a guest, once a year, for life.
  • An AD/Venture Club exclusive dram, which will only be available to members visiting.

All deliveries are charged at £10

Returns with in 28 days